My Own Negatives!

Ok, so I haven’t had much to add on here lately, I’ve been crazy busy, but I just updated my Project 365 and my Film Photography section. I was pretty excited the other day when I came up with the idea (while dazing off at work πŸ˜› ) on how to finally be able to, cheaply, use my Kodak Brownie. Film for old cameras can get expensive, and to develop them myself (because I highly doubt Wolf Camera accepts 616 film) would probably require me to use different chemicals than what are available to me.

Then I remembered I had painted some emulsion on some pieces of tracing paper to play around with Β and thought… why couldn’t I make negatives like that?? I really want to make a pinhole camera, which allows you to make a negative image by exposing emulsion paper through a tiny hole in a box. I haven’t made one yet but I figured I could use the Brownie the same way. And I was right!! Now these images are not perfect, or pretty, but I do like them. I was even able to use one of my tracing paper negatives to make a photo, as you’ll see in the film section! I always like the look of negatives, especially with organic photographs like trees and leaves. I can’t wait to play with it some more!!

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