New Finds!

I’ve found a variety of interesting things lately regarding art that I’d like to share with you guys. However, I’m not going to share them with you all at once, because what’s the fun in that? So these next few days I hope to be making some daily post about some things I’ve found in the art world.

I’ll be nice today and give you a couple of them πŸ™‚

First off, in my graphic design courses a lot of people use a site called BittBoxΒ to download various textures and brushes. I never really looked at it because I was worried it’d take away from originality or be copying but I downloaded a couple of brushes today and I have to say I approve of the site. The brushes add a little more detail and a nice touch to certain projects I’m working on. I personally got a few grunge brushes and the watercolor brush set. Unfortunately I can’t take full advantage of this site because I don’t think my little Element Photoshop can handle some of the higher quality tools. But definitely check it out if you are a Photoshop or Illustrator user. Even if you don’t download anything the textures provide nice inspiration and there are some great tutorials on there as well!

Also, I was excited to buy some little treats for my Rebel yesterday! I got a two Rocketfish filters, a UV and a Polarized for my lenses. The UV helps provide clearer images and mostly project the actual lens from getting dirty or cracking. The polarized helps add a little more color to water and sky and also helps eliminate reflections. They were fairly cheap at Best Buy. The UV was only 9.99 for a standard 58mm lens (for Canon, Nikon’s are a slightly different size) and the Polarized was 19.99. Good purchases I say.

Ok. Now some fun. A pen pal of ours (who just so happens to be the new owner of my precious 1966 Mustang, Sally) sent me a link of this girl from Ukraine’s Got Talent who does AMAZING sand art. Her name is Kseniya Simonova, and you have to check out these amazing pieces!

These are my two current favorites but I’ll be posting more because they’re all worth watching! Or check them out yourself on her YouTube Site.

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