This has been an insane week! There has been so much going on! I started back on my photo job, working on getting my second job worked out, started creating a piece for my art show, helping to get our school newspaper ready, drawing nekid people, going to concerts (tonight! woot woot!), and last but definitely not least… My friend Ashley has come home from being gone for almost an entire year!!! My happiness today is indescribable.

With all that said, here’s a couple of post coming up soon. I do want to post pictures of miss Ashley’s homecoming because everyone is so happy she’s home, but I’m going to wait until I get some photos from the official homecoming party this weekend. I was too in shock to take a bunch last night. They may not turn out portfolio worthy or anything but this is partially a blog and she is very important to me and I love her to death so I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Also, as I mentioned above my Figure Drawing class started up. Lauren is a GREAT model! There may have been slight nervousness the beginning of the first day but it may already be my favorite class of the year. The body is a tough but beautiful thing to draw. We started with a simple standing pose, but today we did short interval gesture drawings which I loved! I ended up putting 2-3 of them on each piece of paper. At first to save paper, but then I actually really liked how they turned out. They almost have a Cubist look to them. It was fun! So I’ll be posting those soon as well once I find time to take pictures of them.

We’re also hoping to take a trip the Atlantic Station’s Bodies Exhibition to draw the bodies there. Can’t wait! And I’ll definitely be posting those!

Some of you checking out this site may go to school with me so I’ll go ahead and advertise our online newspaper, The Hiltonian, since I am now the Arts and Entertainment Editor and can’t wait to start posting more news on what’s going on the the Fincher and the FPAC. We’ve got some great articles coming up so bookmark us and find us on Facebook and Twitter!!

The Fincher should be hosting a few Art shows this semester which is exciting because there are usually only a few Senior shows the second semester. This year there will be an Alumni Art Show, Kappi Pi Art Show, and maybe even a show exhibiting are Figure Drawings. This will be an amazing year for this art student!

In the mean time, I’ll be rocking out to Train, Maroon 5 and Matt Nathanson tonight. GREAT end to my week (yes… end… because I don’t have classes on Friday 😀 )

Have a great Labor Day weekend and thank you for reading!

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