New Love: Concert Photography

For the last few Friday Nights, a local radio station Q100 has been hosting concerts at Atlantic Station with mystery artists they don’t reveal until the week before. Well, this past Friday they hosted my all time favorite singer (and quite a witty comedian), Gavin DeGraw, along with a local country singer Alex Hall.

Usually when at a concert venues, security doesn’t allow you to take in any cameras at all, and the ones that are small enough to smuggle in are, let’s face, not that incredible. Luckily, this concert was small and took place in the middle of a shopping area so I figured I’d try my luck at bringing my Rebel and I had no problems at all!

I loved taking photos there! I had to play with the manual setting, because the auto made them a bit blurry but I think I got some greats shots in the long run. There are so many jobs and titles I’d like to experience as an artist and I think I just added concert photographer to my list. I hope you like these. I have more but these are my favorites.

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