Cookie Day!

It’s really hard to go through the holidays without a little baking. Even if you don’t enjoy sweets yourself there is always someone around who wouldn’t mind getting a little Christmas treat.

As for our family, this season has been a bit crazy. As me and my sister have gotten older, our school breaks are becoming more and more filled with work schedules, volleyball practicing, art work making, and hopefully a little time for rest. In order to ensure we got everything done, we all got together and synchronized our calendars. Together, we reserved a Shopping Day, Movie Day,  Christmas Light Day, White Elephant Party, etc.

All of this planning, however, only showed us that all of life cannot go totally planned. Do to a series of unfortunate events, we won’t have our usual family get-together/white elephant party, and after traffic, rain, and poor service we decided to throw seeing the Christmas lights out the window.

Today is Cookie Day and it wasn’t really planned at all. Last night after an adventure in Atlanta we decided that everyone could use a cookie. So we got some cute cookie boxes and filled our cart with every baking ingredient that looked appetizing. The original plan was to make a couple of batches but seeing how everyone got creative and has now made their own recipe of choice, our kitchen table is covered in various holiday treats. While one person made their cookies, the others wrapped their presents so if was definitely a day of Christmas cheer.

I have photos of each recipe (along with some surprise from when my camera got high jacked), but if you want the recipes let me know! We made:

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Crescent Cookies

Chocolate Chip

Cranberry/Dark Chocolate Bark

and Cranberry Biscotti

Merry Christmas everybody!

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