Past and Future Logos

Here’s an article I found showing past current and predicted future logos. Some of them are pretty funny! And the past logos are interesting. I found this article on Branding Magazine.


It’s been a pretty busy year when it comes to famous logo redesigns – we saw the birth of the new TwitterWendy’sEbay, and Microsoft logo, among others. But how will famous logos look in about fifty or even a hundred years? In which directions will the changes go?

Those are interesting topics to think about, but for now check out the very amusing logos below – how they were and, supposedly, will be.

Fun fact: The author claims he designed the 2020 logo before this year’s Microsoft redesign!

For more info on the past and future logos, click here. Also, check out other interesting takes on famous logos – a 5 year old’s view of them, logos set entirely in Courier typeface, or a fun set of ‘Microsofted’ logos.

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