Storm Thorgeson: Changing Reality

The death of popular artist yesterday has me in an active mindset (sadly, while I am waiting for prescriptions with a foggy head and tired body).
Storm Thorgeson is the creative artist behind most of Pink Floyd’s representation artwork, including the famous prism icon. I’m in love with this man; he could do it all. He preferred the odd stuff. Almost a Dali of photography, however, he could also perform a simple, modern statement like the work for Dark Side of the Moon. Those pieces are very popular. Many you can look on his website and say, “oh yeah, I’ve seen that”. They are great. They aided in creating a visual memory for musicians.
His more bizarre works show his own personality. I love that. His passion and manipulation with photography allows him to stand out. They pop. You look at them longer than the usual ten seconds because you need time to understand them.
My favorite quote of his is this: “I like photography because it is a reality medium, unlike drawing which is unreal. I like to mess with reality…to bend reality. Some of my works beg the question of is it real or not?”
Reality medium, what a great way to describe photography, and how perfect of a description to show his intelligence.
Looking at his photos and designs, the incredible amount of them, makes me want to smash my head into this window for all the times I have I visioned an idea in my free time. Yet, instead of sketching it out or even writing it down and stoking any inspiration I just sit there and pick my nose or take a nap.
Even if my ideas aren’t wonderful, event if they are not an unforgettable icon one day, at least they are mine. They are my personality, my heart and soul, the passion my God as places in me. It’s mine and I leave it in my head to wither.
We should never let our passions wither, whether they make us millions or just make us happy.


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