Writing Catch-Up

It is so surprisingly nice to be writing again! Not surprising because I don’t enjoy it, but because I enjoy it and never thought I would actively use that skill again.

I used to have my poetry on here a long time ago and links to articles I wrote for Reinhardt’s Hiltonian. I really loved writing, but with my design degree I found myself having to choose my Major’s courses over those just-for-fun writing courses.

With that being said, about one month into my job, I feel so blessed to be using BOTH skills.

It’s also surprising and ironic because shortly after emailing 72 churches/religious organizations ( Yes. 72) in hope of a position, it was constantly suggested to me that I remove the mention of my writing skills in order to better zero in on my design skills. HA! Life is funny. Of course, that was not terrible advice. One day when I am on the job search again, for whatever reason, I may still take that advice depending on where I hope to go in life.

For now, however, I am content here. I know I will learn so much and become a better writer, designer, and photographer (triple threat). I also love the people and organization that I’m working for. I feel I am in a good place and I feel like it’s only going to get better.

Here is a catch-up on some articles I have written. There are so many amazing churches out there doing unique and praiseworthy things! Check them out! P.S. doing this through my phone so I apologize if something goes horribly wrong with my links (or my grammar)

Bless the Back Packs!

The Orchard: The church that serves every week

Virtual NG Notebook August 2

Friendship UMC’s unique worship

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