Goodbyes and Beads

My grandma passed away last week. It was a sad trip to Alabama this weekend, but also the first time in a long time that everyone on my dad’s side of the family were together. I got to see cousins and meet new ones.

We enjoyed our time together and looking through things in the house. We realized what was being used as a side table was actually a large record player, we found their marriage certificate, and tons and tons of photos. I never realized how many photos they have kept of everyone. They were all over the house. My dad stopped counting after fifty. She framed every photo from every milestone for every member of the family.

She also liked to paint. I remember painting with her and making jewelry. I just recently found a necklace we made. I knew it had to be with her because it had her wooden beads on it. The soccer ball and dolphin beads date it back to the one year that I played soccer and wanted to live at Sea World.

We found quite a few paintings that I had never seen before. They were beautiful! I’ll always remember making jewelry with her and thank her for feeding my creative side.


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