Reinhardt Mercer Football Game

IMG_8744I was so excited to go to my Alma Mater’s VERY FIRST football game. I loved going to Reinhardt, but I don’t know if many people expected us to have a good football team. Going against Mercer sounded a little nerve racking. They are a bigger school and their stadium was impressive. However, it looked like a close game throughout the entire game. We tied up and, unfortunately, lost in the last 5 seconds.

I also never pictured myself being on the sidelines of a football field. I typically have “awkward luck”, and I was positive I was going to get tackled or knocked unconscious while I was Instagramming for NGUMC. I’m happy to say there was only one incident where a ball came right at my head. It was a narrow escape, but I survived. It took me a little while to ease up to the dotted line, but once I did I was pretty comfortable and it was a great spot to watch the game!

This was such a fun opportunity to represent my school for my job, and see a little bit of Reinhardt history. Here are the photos I took at the game. You can also find a pre-game story in our news section.

Reinhardt VS Mercer Football 

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