January Update

The holidays were fun! It’s nice to be with family and friends and I even had time to do some shooting for fun! I’ve also written some stories for NGUMC and have taken on some new design and photography challenges. We’ll start with the writing.

Christmas-Tucker-First-UMCNGUMC Articles


NGUMC Children Connection 4


It’s also time for my favorite contest: Secret Seven. This is a contest that allows designers to submit artwork to be displayed on vinyl album covers. I’m being more discrete in revealing what designs go with what songs this year to increase the “secret-ness” of it all. Each year, Secret Seven focuses on a different organization to benefit. Check it out, it’s incredible: Secret Seven
That being said I’m not yet showing my designs, so come back later!



Look at my most recent photography adventures on my Facebook page, take a look and like my page if you like what you see!
In other news, I’m off to Nashville next week for a communicators conference. I look forward to learning new things and to bringing my camera with me this time!
Thanks for following and Happy New Year (kind of late, I know)

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