New Camera, New Photos, and More

I upgraded my camera to a Rebel T5i and I love it already. I got to use it right away for a wedding I shot in Canton, a volleyball tournament the same day, and a concert in Atlanta this weekend. It has not disappointed. I love it! For the wedding I also rented a higher quality lens and I’m really happy with the results. Still plenty to learn but they turned out far better than any other wedding photos I’ve shot, in my opinion. Click the links below to see the albums.
Also, have a look at my latest designs and articles for NGUMC

Green River Ordinance Photos Here

See Wedding Photos Here

See Crush Volleyball 2014 Photos HereIMG_4470


Video: I’m still learning the basics of video. I can edit pretty well but having difficulty shooting. They lights were dim for this event, but luckily the most important part was what you hear. View it here:

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Cover Sheet Design
Comm Cover RGB

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