Award Winning Work

10712831_10204638671744872_9199401004956872248_nI left the United Methodist Association of Communications banquet with a handful of awards for the work of NGUMC’s Communications team!

I wasn’t expecting anything for the Snapshot newsletter layout, beings its first year, but we took 1st place! I also placed in a photography category, and we placed for our new website design, Monday Morning e-newsletter, and our Instagram account.

There are some fun projects coming up at work that I looking forward to completing and sharing in 2015!

In the design world, I’ve completed a few projects. I submitted designs to a t-shirt contest for Monday Night Brewery in Atlanta. Though I didn’t place, the designs caught the eye of someone in need of some logo help! As a result, I designed a cafe logo and a stew shack logo for Connexion church.

mnb2   mnb   Common Grounds design 2F2       Stew Shack

I also shot an old friend’s engagement photo shoot, a first for me, along with an exciting mini-shoot that I can not yet share 🙂

es     es2    es3

I also played photographer for my sister before her homecoming dances.

hc   hc2

In other news I reached 100 likes on my Facebook page, but please keep them coming! Let’s continue to connect and work together.

Happy Holidays!

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