Who I Am


Graphic Artist. Music Enthusiast. Album Artwork Activitist. Alliteration Alertness. Transformer. Observator. 

Sight: It is often considered the most important sense. When humans see something, it triggers the brain like nothing else. It evokes memories, emotions, moods. Even when using your other senses: touching, hearing, smelling, tasting, they all plug in to sight. The Cross, the Mac apple, the Pink Floyd prism; these are images that resonates through person after person. I want to give companies, products, music, anything, a visual identity. Art is the humbling act of drawing attention, not to who you are, but what you have to say.

I took art and music hand in hand throughout school. I just didn’t feel a connection to anything else. I remember going through my CD collection, looking at album designs and thinking, “Why can’t I do this?” At that point I knew that I was going to take any action necessary to reach that creative career. Some may say that being an artist is just a hobby; but when you live and breathe it, it is a lifestyle. It’s a human wiring of sorts, an inescapable, unexplainable phenomenon.

Download my Resume Information here:Graphic Design Resume Documents


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